Multi-instrumentalist songwriter Rees Lucia emerged on the Sydney music scene in 2018 with her debut EP, ‘In/Congruence’, recorded in Cairns with Mark Myers (The Middle East, Emma Louise, Greta Stanley). Moving through genres of melodic folk, dreamy pop and electric indie rock, Rees Lucia’s enchanting sound has since earned her radio play, a sold-out launch show, and a momentum that continues to bloom.

Rees Lucia’s latest release, ‘Moving Arms’, recorded with Ryan K Brennan (Phantastic Ferniture), is a mesmerising tribute to dizzy feelings of euphoria and paranoia, exploring the push and pull of highs and lows in relationships, and is a reminder that even the most strong-willed people in our lives can struggle with mental health. ‘Moving Arms’ will get stuck in your mind for days with its hypnotic groove and floating harmonies.